Why buy a home in Citrus County? Why NOT?!

Crystal River, FL HomesWith hundreds of real estate opportunities available, don’t pass up your chance to be one of the privileged people who own a piece of paradise!

With access to warm Gulf waters at arm’s reach, natural springs, gentle manatees (yes, you can swim with them), world-class fishingchampionship golf, unique shops, abundant history and bountiful lakes, why WOULDN’T you choose to buy a home in Citrus County, the heart & soul of Florida’s Nature Coast?! We certainly can’t think of a reason!

Citrus County, FL hosts an array of homesteads for the choosing. Whether you’re a water baby or a land lover, you are sure to find your next home in Crystal River, Homosassa, Beverly Hills, Inverness, Lecanto or Citrus Hills! A home that fits your lifestyle, leisure interests, budget- or all three! Home & vacant land prices in Citrus County, FL range anywhere from $5,000 to well above $1M+, offering settings such as modular homes on property with room to roam, to expansive & top of the line mansions on the water!


The Nature Coast acquired its name for good reason, but that’s not to say there isn’t any industry in Citrus County! Fields such as healthcare & education make up roughly 30% of our industry, while the second highest is construction & engineering. Crystal River, FL is home to a Progress Energy Nuclear Power Plant (soon to be Duke- utilizing Natural Gas resources instead of electricity,) employing over 1,200 resident & migrant contractors. We take great pride in our educational programs, as we are home to some of the best school districts in the state! Our schools ranked in the top 100 schools in the state, and in the top 1,500 schools in the NATION!

Citrus County, FL gives it’s residents (year round or seasonal) a sense of community, adventure, and yester-year. Florida’s Nature Coast is still relatively “un-touched” in comparison to many of Florida’s other tourist districts, engulfing anyone who passes through her with the feeling of being taken back in time to “Old Florida.” Natural landscapes & spring-fed waters, no high-rise obstructed views, Palm Trees, rolling Oaks, light traffic, plenty of “natural” parks, history in abundance, and plenty of community events (farmer’s markets, seafood fests, art festivals, boat shows and SO much more) create an enriching, fun, beautiful living environment! Spanning over 580 square miles, we are sure you will also be pleasantly surprised to find more than enough avenues for shopping, dining, & partaking in the arts!

Furthermore, Citrus County is approximately an hour from Ocala where everything equine tops the list of extra curricular activities, 65 miles to Tampa, and only an hour or two from some of Florida’s most famous beaches, museums, nightlife, tourist destinations and MORE (Clearwater & St. Pete Beach, Orlando, and Ybor City!)

Visit us here in beautiful Citrus County, FL! Introduce yourself (if we don’t beat you to it), and take in all that our wonderful community has to offer. Those of us who are LUCKY enough to call the Nature Coast “home” do so for a reason – boredom is rare, the door is always open, and sugar is in abundance!

Welcome Home!


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